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On December 9, 2019, APTN’s Board of Directors formalized the establishment of a new independent holding company, Dadan Sivunivut. Dadan means “Our Peoples” in Southern Tutchone and Sivunivut means “Our Future” in Inuktitut.

This new for-profit corporation gathers all of the subsidiaries that APTN has established over the last 12 years under a new umbrella, headquartered in Ottawa. The AnimikiSee companies, First Peoples Radio, All Nations Network (ANN), Nagamo, Red Music Rising and all other new ventures will now be part of the Dadan Sivunivut family.

Dadan Sivunivut’s mission is “to expand professional opportunities for Our Peoples, to nurture Indigenous-led subsidiaries and to lead Our Future.” The Board of Directors will ensure these corporations increase their revenues, expand their reach, continue to provide Indigenous Peoples with professional opportunities and fulfill their role as voices for Indigenous Peoples.

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