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Sharing Indigenous talents, cultures, languages, and artistry so that they are embraced by every person in the world


Amplify innovative Indigenous music and media to the world, by utilizing the synergies of our companies.

Dadan Sivunivut was established in December 2019 by APTN to be an arms-length, independent company with the responsibility to manage and expand the group of companies that had been established in the previous 12 years under the APTN umbrella. Dadan means “Our Peoples” in Southern Tutchone and Sivunivut means “Our Future” in Inuktitut.

The history behind the creation starts with the establishment of AnimikiSee Digital Productions (ASDP) and AnimikiSee Distribution (ASD) in 2008. Initially, ASDP was set up to assist emerging Indigenous producers to gain the production credits that would allow them to become accredited as producers and be able to obtain the necessary funding for their productions. It has now grown into a full-fledged Indigenous production house that produces original Indigenous productions and also acts as a production service provider to smaller independent Indigenous producers who require the support of an established production house to assist in their productions. ASD takes that content from those producers but also any other Indigenous producer in Canada and brings it to the international markets where a growing number of buyers representing broadcasters, streamers and others are eager to licence and share this content with their audiences.

In 2014, APTN launched an initiative to establish an Indigenous television station in the United States. It was to be named All Nations Network (ANN) and would be modelled on the APTN experience. With the changing broadcasting landscape in the US and the emergence of strong streaming entities like Netflix, the project was amended to launch a service similar to APTNlumi, the streaming service of APTN. This eventually came about in the fall of 2022 when ANN launched on the Comcast streaming service Xfinity. Still in its infancy, it is drawing a growing number of subscribers and ANN hopes to start acquiring content from the American Indian production community to add to the service.

In 2017, APTN supported the licencing of two radio stations under a not-for-profit corporation named First Peoples Radio (FPR). Branded as ELMNT FM in Ottawa (95.7) and Toronto (106.5), these stations went on air in October 2018. They include a range of musical styles and 30% of the musical content is from Indigenous musicians and artists. The stations have been instrumental in promoting a range of Indigenous musical talent to the audiences of these two major urban centres in Canada.

Finally, in 2019, APTN launched two companies to support Indigenous musical talent: Nagamo, a music rights agency devoted to Indigenous artists only, and Red Music Rising (RMR), a music talent agency also devoted exclusively to the Indigenous musical community. The formal launch of these two companies happened in March 2020, the same week as the Covid-19 pandemic was declared. It has been a challenge for them to establish themselves in that environment but supported by their mainstream allies, Bedtracks with Nagamo and Coalition Music with RMR, they have grown and now are poised for a new level of growth since the world has opened up again.

We invite you to check out each of these companies by clicking their website links below and encourage you to contact them if you are interested in their services or wish to develop a working relationship with them.

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